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Caspar Herzberg On Smart Cities, Big Data And Climate Change

Waleed Hmidan
Caspar Herzberg On Smart Cities, Big Data And Climate Change

At the Forbes Middle East Big Data's Big Trends and Building the Future events, we spoke to Caspar Herzberg, President for the Middle East and Africa at Schneider Electric. Where he spoke about smart cities, big data and climate change.

"We’re really witnessing the beginning of Big Data and AI," Caspar declared.

"We’ve spent the past few decades working on connecting cities and building a grid, so we currently have a huge amount of data available for grid operators, city mayors, smart city managers and facility managers in building to make proactive decisions on how to best deploy resources within a city or a building. Ultimately, it saves enormous amounts of energy as well as budget. We are at the beginning of this exciting journey.

"Smart cities are the solution to becoming more sustainable because they are a combination of digital infrastructure for the grid, buildings, water, and all other components that make a city. Managing all of that to bring down energy waste and make buildings more suitable for the population to increase happiness, to me that is the goal.

"As a company, we signed up for global sustainability goals to reduce our carbon footprint. If everyone does that then we can limit or even partially reverse effects of climate change."

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