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7 Tips To Follow When Your Flight Is Cancelled, Delayed Or Overbooked

Amro Elserty
7 Tips To Follow When Your Flight Is Cancelled, Delayed Or Overbooked
Many of us face the problematic situation of missing a flight. Whether one is going for a holiday, family visit or a business trip, it is equally a great disappointment for any passenger who fails to attend his flight and end up losing the money he paid for the booking.

Reasons for missing flights vary from natural disasters and poor weather conditions to personal tardiness, sickness or change of plans. When it is a passenger’s fault, it is his fault, but when it is an external circumstance or an error by a travel agency or an airline, then passengers need to know what exactly to do in order to guarantee retaining the money they paid or getting the proper compensation.

SKYCOP, a company, standing up for passengers and their rights in a fight against airline misbehavior towards flight refunds through the international platform, offers you its tips on what procedures to take in case you miss any given flight.

  • Even if you know that the flight may be delayed, arrive at the airport and check-in for your flight on time. Failing to do so, you may not claim compensation.

  • If a flight has been cancelled, insist to be properly taken care of: a call to relatives, access to the internet, food and water must be provided.

  • Never accept compensations reminiscent of a parody (food vouchers, next trip voucher, free tour coupons, etc.) and do not sign documents to waive further claims if you accept this ridiculous compensation.

  • File a complaint as soon as possible – depending on the country where the incident took place, the law may provide a very short period.

  • If your luggage is delayed, immediately contact the personnel in the arrival hall and fill out the complaint. If you leave the airport, your complaint of a missing or delayed baggage submitted later is likely to be rejected.

  • If you are flying with a group, remember that the compensation must be paid for each passenger individually – do not yield to companies trying to mislead you.

  • If it has been a business flight and your ticket was paid by the company, never give up – the compensation must be paid to a person whose name appears on the ticket, rather than the payer for the flight.

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