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Forbes’ mission is to deliver information on the people, ideas and technologies changing the world to our community of affluent business decision makers. What distinguishes Forbes from other media brands is our exceptional access to the world’s most powerful people—the game changers and disruptors who are advancing industries across the globe.

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About Forbes Middle East

Forbes Middle East features articles and reports that are related to the finance and business world. The readers of Forbes Middle East are “The Billionaires”; “Leaders”; “Powerful Arab Men and Women” and the “Decision Makers in the Corporate world” residing in the MENA region. Forbes Middle East is an ideal read for investors looking for new investment opportunities in the Arab region. Forbes Middle East puts together original and relevant Lists / Rankings based on the criteria of neutrality, authenticity

Commitment to the methodology of scientific research and the quality of standards set globally by Forbes Media, U.S. Forbes Middle East serves as a guide for businessmen and decision makers by providing them with information and statistics necessary for making right decisions in various aspects of their business and also investments. The magazine is the guiding compass for investments in the region. Through its wide network of press correspondents, Forbes Middle East .

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