Neha Kaul


10 months ago

Middle East Ultra-Rich Are Spreading Their Investments

An improving global economy has seen the number of ultra-wealthy individuals rise significantly in recent years. So, where are the region’s rich investing their capital? Despite volatile...
By Neha Kaul 6 min read
11 months ago

Back On Track

Egypt’s tourism numbers are steadily edging up, leading the hoteliers and officials to become upbeat about a strong revival. Can the economy sustain this momentum and once again transform into a...
By Neha Kaul 16 min read
11 months ago

The Future Belongs To STEM

As our technologically-advanced present transcends into a technology-dependent future, how do we develop future leaders who can navigate the complexities ahead? STEM Education—Science, Technology,...
By Neha Kaul 14 min read
11 months ago

Growth Hack Your Content Marketing

If you are a marketing professional, chances are that you have been inundated with content marketing and growth hacking tips to achieve marketing nirvana over the past year. But beyond the buzz, what...
By Neha Kaul 11 min read