Ashar Nazim


1 month ago

Fintechs that create the greatest value will use disruptive capital

Smart capital is a well known in investment and startup ecosystems. When a founder takes smart capital they are not just taking money. They are betting that the investor is sophisticated and offers...
By Ashar Nazim 5 min read
3 weeks ago

Banks that win digital will have a secret edge – Thought diversity

Banks are no stranger to disruption, having survived them for centuries. Even in technology they have adapted to the compute, internet and mobility eras well. Every new disruption wave brings...
By Ashar Nazim 5 min read
3 weeks ago

As time runs out for traditional customer acquisition by banks, digital onboarding comes of age

Banks can treat onboarding as a process digitization project, or a module to implement as part their digital banking platform. However that would be wasting the potential of one of the most strategic...
By Ashar Nazim 2 min read