Alex Konrad


3 days ago

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! The Exclusive Inside Story Of The New Billionaire Behind Tech’s Hottest IPO

Eric Yuan, CEO and founder of Zoom, which provides video conferencing software over the internet, won't let his new billionaire status go to his head.
By Alex Konrad 43 min read
2 weeks ago

Eduardo Saverin's VC Firm B Capital Raises $406 Million In First Close Of New Fund, Filing Shows

The venture capital firm cofounded by Facebook billionaire Eduardo Saverin and partner Raj Ganguly has raised hundreds of millions in new funding to invest in startups.
By Alex Konrad 6 min read
1 month ago

Life After Facebook: The Untold Story Of Billionaire Eduardo Saverin’s Highly Networked Venture Firm

Eduardo Saverin is most famous for two things: cofounding Facebook and leaving America for Singapore. What's gotten a lot less attention is his increasingly sprawling $360 million venture capital...
By Alex Konrad 21 min read
2 months ago

Microsoft's New Groove

Once dismissed as a hideabound hasbeen, Microsoft is flying high. CEO Satya Nadella's secret: A cultural reset that has lowered the gates to the software maker' fortress - and cloud, cloud, cloud.
By Alex Konrad 13 min read
2 months ago

How A Surprise Breakfast Burrito Helped Twilio Acquire SendGrid In A $3 Billion Deal

When Twilio and SendGrid announced they were joining forces in October, the deal felt like a no-brainer, but the all-stock acquisition of SendGrid actually came close to falling apart.
By Alex Konrad 14 min read