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The 'Father Of GPS' Really Doesn’t Like Having His Location Tracked

In the late 1970s Parkinson played the lead role in developing, designing and testing the first Global Positioning System that's still used today.
By Parmy Olson 7 min read
2 weeks ago

Facebook Profits Defy Critics; Zuckerberg Vows Company Has Changed

Facebook surprised Wall Street by posting record profits for its fourth quarter, and revenues that beat expectations.
By Parmy Olson 8 min read
2 months ago

Email Dump Suggests Facebook Traded User-Data Access For Ad Spending

An extraordinary cache of emails sent between Facebook executives between 2012 and 2012 that was published by the U.K. Parliament on Wednesday suggested Facebook leveraged access to the data of its...
By Parmy Olson 6 min read
2 months ago

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Ignores ‘The New Reality’ By Skipping Fake News Inquiry In London

A special “Grand Committee“ of nine governments from around the world had come together at the U.K. Houses of Parliament, hoping to ask Facebook’s founder about the spread of fake news on his...
By Parmy Olson 8 min read
2 months ago

Facebook's Dreams For WhatsApp Are Under Threat From Old-Fashioned SMS

Around two thirds of businesses in Europe are looking at using SMS for the first time to communicate with customers, according to a survey conducted by Commify. 
By Parmy Olson 8 min read