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3 weeks ago

The Highest-Paid Actors 2019: Dwayne Johnson, Bradley Cooper And Chris Hemsworth

Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock, tops the Forbes list of the world’s ten highest-paid actors, collecting $89.4 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019.
By Madeline Berg 14 min read
1 month ago

Billionaire Haim Saban To Invest $500 Million In New Record Label

The company will be led by Gustavo Lopez, a former music executive in the Latin space, and focus on global artists, particularly those from Latin America.
By Madeline Berg 6 min read
2 months ago

What ROI Means To Jennifer Garner

Garner cofounded Once Upon a Farm, which makes organic, cold-pressed baby food, smoothies and applesauce for kids. Last year, it raised a $20 million Series B round.
By Madeline Berg 13 min read
5 months ago

The Rapper And The Billionaire: How Ice Cube And Jeweler Carolyn Rafaelian Got Together To Bid For A $10 Billion Chunk Of Disney

The odd duo may be the ones to tie up some of the final loose ends in Disney’s $71.3 billion mega-acquisition of 21st Century Fox, which was made official on March 20.
By Madeline Berg 20 min read
6 months ago

The Richest Woman In The World

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, the L'Oréal heiress, who is also the chairwoman of her family’s holding company, is the world’s richest woman, with a fortune of $49.3 billion.
By Madeline Berg 10 min read
6 months ago

The Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of: An Optometrist Who Beat The Odds To Become A Billionaire

This self-made billionaire is worth $2.3 billion. His fortune comes from a lifetime of prudent do-it-yourself buy-and-hold investing.
By Madeline Berg 42 min read
9 months ago

The World’s Highest-Paid TV Hosts 2018: Judge Judy Presides With $147 Million

Pocketing $147 million pretax last year, Judy Sheindlin is the highest-paid television host, outearning all others.
By Madeline Berg 10 min read