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5 days ago

Amazon Alexa Can Be Hacked By A Laser From 100 Meters—Is It Time To Hide Your Echo?

Hackers could control Alexa with a cheap laser. The only real defence is to keep your devices out of line of sight of your windows.
1 month ago

‘Hundreds Of Millions’ Of iPhones Vulnerable To New ‘Unfixable’ Hack

Hacker says it's "possibly the biggest news in iOS jailbreak community in years."
1 month ago

Androids And iPhones Hacked With Just One WhatsApp Click — And Tibetans Are Under Assault

Tibetans have their Apple iPhones and Android devices targeted in hacks delivered by fake WhatsApp users.
2 months ago

Hacker Claims He Can 'Turn Off 25,000 Cars' At The Push Of A Button

Immobilizers ensure that only the owner of the right key fob can start a vehicle, but hackers told Forbes they could lock down up to 25,000 cars at once.
3 months ago

Deliveroo Accounts Are Being Hacked And Sold For Just $6

Such hacks are small fry in the grand game of global cyber fraud. But they're causing distress to a significant number of customers at Deliveroo.
3 months ago

The Czech Cyber Billionaire Who Built A Fortune On Free Software

Avast's “freemium” model culminated in its 2018 London Stock Exchange IPO, which set it on a course to become a $4 billion business. 
By Thomas Brewster 31 min read
7 months ago

Facebook Erases 74 Cybercrime Groups With 385,000 Members Selling Passwords, Credit Cards And Hacking Services

Facebook has launched a crackdown on cybercrime on its platform after security researchers from Cisco Talos discovered what it called an “online criminal flea market”.
11 months ago

Marriott Hackers Stole Data On 500 Million Guests - Passports And Credit Card Info Included

Hotel chain giant Marriott admitted 500 million guests had been hit by an attack that dates back at least four years.