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PayPal Buys Coupon Browser Extension Honey For $4 Billion

Honey had previously appeared on Forbes’ 2018 Next Billion-Dollar Startups list with an estimated $100 million in revenue for 2018.
By Biz Carson 2 min read
2 days ago

Bungalow Raises $47 Million To Prove Co-Living Is Not The Next Co-Working

Bungalow manages over 700 properties in ten cities. It furnishes the common areas, manages an app to connect residents and handles roommate screening and matching.
By Biz Carson 10 min read
3 days ago

Travis Kalanick Unloads Over $700 Million Of His Uber Shares After Lock-Up Expires

Kalanick took advantage of the expiration of the company’s lock-up period, which ended on November 6, to sell all of the shares held in his charitable remainder trust.
By Biz Carson 2 min read
1 week ago

In The Airbnb Era, This Deal Junkie CEO Built Marriott Into A Booming Hotel Juggernaut–And He’s Not Done Yet

With his acquisition of Starwood three years ago, Arne Sorenson created the world’s largest hotel empire. Globally, 20% of new hotel rooms being built are now Marriott properties.
By Biz Carson 17 min read
2 weeks ago

Uber Loses $1.1 Billion, Targets Profitability In 2021

Uber's business is growing, but it's still a money-losing machine (at least until 2021).
By Biz Carson 2 min read
3 weeks ago

First Look: Uber Unveils New Design For Uber Eats Delivery Drone

Here's the drone design Uber Eats will use to deliver food.
By Biz Carson 3 min read
1 month ago

A VC Fund Backed By Kevin Durant And Diddy Will Donate Its Profits To 11 Charities Improving Diversity In Tech

Together, black cultural icons from Shonda Rhimes to Kevin Durant to Quincy Jones have pooled together nearly $18 million to invest in Andreessen Horwitz’s Cultural Leadership Fund.
By Biz Carson 11 min read
1 month ago

Scooter Startup Bird Raises $275 Million In New Funding Round

Investors aren't done funding the scooter craze.
By Biz Carson 3 min read