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7 months ago

After $1.1 Billion Loss, Lyft Says 2019 Will Be ‘Peak Loss Year’

Revenues reached $776 million in the first quarter, up nearly 95% from the year-ago quarter, and beating analyst estimates of $739 million, compiled by Refinitiv.
By Biz Carson 4 min read
8 months ago

Lyft Stock Rises In Public Market Debut, But It Still Won’t Make Founders Billionaires

But unlike the wave of consumer tech founders before them, Lyft’s IPO will not crown any new billionaires. Forbes estimates the founders’ stakes at less than 5% total.
By Biz Carson 6 min read
8 months ago

How IPOs From Uber, Airbnb And Others Could Create A $230 Billion Windfall And 6,000 New Millionaires

The upcoming tech IPO boom has real estate agents and car dealers, even ice sculpture makers, preparing for what’s seen as an incoming wave of newly minted millionaires.
By Biz Carson 13 min read
8 months ago

Uber-For-Planes Startup BlackBird Raises $10 Million To Replace Road Trips With Flying Private

Blackbird wants to make flying private as affordable as driving and have it become the go-to option for any 50-to-500-mile trip. The biggest challenge is getting people to buy in.
By Biz Carson 9 min read
8 months ago

Playing To Win: How Sandbox VR’s Founder Invested Everything To Build A New Virtual Reality World

Steve Zhao wanted to build the Holodeck from "Star Trek" so he invested his life savings. It worked, and he's raised an additional $68 million from top Silicon Valley VCs.
By Biz Carson 7 min read
9 months ago

Lyft’s Revenue Doubled In 2018 As It Gains On Uber In U.S., But Losses Still Growing

Lyft’s revenues doubled in 2018 to reach $2.2 billion, up from $343.3 million in 2016 and $1.1 billion in 2017. 
By Biz Carson 8 min read
9 months ago

DoorDash Is Now Worth Nearly As Much As Grubhub After $400 Million Funding Infusion

The food delivery company is now worth $7.1 billion, says CEO and cofounder Tony Xu. 
By Biz Carson 7 min read
10 months ago

DoorDash And Amazon Won’t Change Tipping Policy After Instacart Controversy; If You're Worried, Carry Cash

App-based delivery services have adapted the traditional tipping services to suit their needs, impacting the payouts of the delivery drivers. 
By Biz Carson 12 min read