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8 months ago

DoorDash And Amazon Won’t Change Tipping Policy After Instacart Controversy; If You're Worried, Carry Cash

App-based delivery services have adapted the traditional tipping services to suit their needs, impacting the payouts of the delivery drivers. 
By Biz Carson 12 min read
8 months ago

Forbes Fact-Check: Jack Dorsey Is Still A Billionaire, And No, He Did Not Give Away Most Of His Square Stake To Charity

In a wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone, Dorsey laid out a few claims about his wealth. How far are they correct?
By Biz Carson 12 min read
8 months ago

An Early Facebook Investor Is Creating A Scouting Network For Brilliant Engineers

Neo brings together more than 30 college-age scholars and 170 industry veterans. Investing is the by-product, with an $80 million fund availble to back the budding talents.
By Biz Carson 31 min read
9 months ago

Next Billion-Dollar Startups: How A Serial Social Shopping Entrepreneur Built Poshmark From Used Clothes Into A $625M Retail Empire

Poshmark started seven years ago as a way for women to make money off-loading extra items from their closets but it has grown to include new clothes too, 
By Biz Carson 17 min read
9 months ago

Instacart And Whole Foods To Dissolve Delivery Partnership, Over 350 Shoppers To Lose Jobs

The partnership between the two had been on shaky ground since Amazon acquired the grocer in June 2017.
By Biz Carson 9 min read
10 months ago

Most Powerful Women In Tech In 2018: With Greater Power Comes Greater Responsibility

Women may still be a minority in tech, but as their power rises, so does their responsibility and visibility. In 2018, many female tech leaders became the face of change in their industry.
By Biz Carson 13 min read