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1 day ago

Tesla’s Elon Musk Trashes Lidar For Self-Driving Cars, But Waymo Is Rolling Out A New One

Waymo, the Alphabet Inc. unit, is rolling out a next-generation version of the sensor that uses lasers to create 3D, 360-degree views of the world.
By Alan Ohnsman 9 min read
2 weeks ago

Elon Musk Lives To Fight Another Day As Judge Orders Him To Work Out Twitter Dispute With SEC

Elon Musk appears to have survived as Tesla’s CEO after a federal judge gave the billionaire and the Securities & Exchange Commission two weeks to work out their dispute.
By Alan Ohnsman 5 min read
1 month ago

Judge Says SEC Can Have A Crack At Statements By Elon Musk’s Lawyers

The SEC asked a judge to find Musk in contempt of a October 2018 settlement after it confirmed that his February 19 tweet wasn’t vetted in advance by Tesla lawyers.
By Alan Ohnsman 4 min read
1 month ago

Elon Musk Touts Plan For Tesla Model Y SUV's Debut In Sunday Twitter Spree

Tesla will soon give the world a look at its next major product as billionaire CEO Elon Musk said it plans to show off the electric Model Y crossover at an event in Los Angeles later this month.
By Alan Ohnsman 9 min read
1 month ago

Elon Musk's Tesla Tweet Puts CEO Role At Risk Again

Elon Musk's in trouble for another tweet — and this time, the Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking a ruling that revives the possibility he could lose his Tesla CEO job.
By Alan Ohnsman 9 min read
2 months ago

Waymo Tops Self-Driving Car ‘Disengagement’ Stats As GM Cruise Gains And Tesla Is AWOL

Although self driving cars have been touted as the gamechanging factor in urban mobility, the limited available information shows that these vehicles continue to disengage during their testing phase.
By Alan Ohnsman 12 min read
2 months ago

Tesla Reports Profit For Second Straight Quarter, Says CFO To Exit

The results were a company first, but staying in the black will be a struggle due to restructuring costs and delayed revenue from overseas sales of Model 3 electric cars.
By Alan Ohnsman 16 min read
2 months ago

Porsche Borrows From Tesla’s Playbook With Fast-Charge Network For Taycan EV

The German luxury company said it will offer three years of charging at hundreds of stations operated across the U.S.
By Alan Ohnsman 8 min read