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Convoy Hauls In $400 Million To Build Up Digital Trucking Business

The digital freight booker backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Al Gore plans to expand its data platform and other services to reduce wasted time, empty trailers and even exhaust pollution from...
By Alan Ohnsman 8 min read
2 days ago

Willkommen Elon! Musk Says Next Tesla Gigafactory Will Be In Germany

Even as the company puts the finishing touches on its Chinese plant, Tesla's billionaire CEO is looking ahead to expanding the electric-car maker's global footprint.
By Alan Ohnsman 7 min read
2 weeks ago

Waymo Says More Of Its Self-Driving Cars Operating ‘Rider Only’ With No One At Wheel

The Alphabet Inc. company also has a new definition for autonomous: if you need a driver's license it's not self-driving
By Alan Ohnsman 3 min read
4 weeks ago

Volvo Targets 40% Carbon Cut For Vehicles And Factories As It Rolls Out Electric Crossover

Electric cars are great at reducing tailpipe emissions, but building them is also highly energy-intensive so Volvo is using the launch of its new XC40 EV to commit to a 40% reduction...
By Alan Ohnsman 4 min read
1 month ago

Waymo Brings The First Self-Driving Vehicles To Los Angeles—To 3D-Map The City

Alphabet’s autonomous tech unit has three Pacifica Hybrid minivans rolling around the sprawling city as it begins preliminary work to determine when and if it can launch its robo-taxi service there.
By Alan Ohnsman 4 min read
1 month ago

Tesla ‘Smart Summon’ Draws Scrutiny From U.S. Auto Safety Regulator After Parking Lot Mishaps

A week after Tesla added a feature for owners to summon their cars over short distances, in parking lots and driveways, NHTSA said it’s “aware” of reported problems.
By Alan Ohnsman 10 min read
1 month ago

Self-Driving Startup Embark Raises $70 Million, Opens Freight Transfer Hubs For Robot Big Rigs

The Silicon Valley tech firm created by two twenty-something Canadian computer scientists landed its biggest investment round and is opening cargo transfer hubs for its fleet of robotic semis.
By Alan Ohnsman 9 min read
1 month ago

Voyage Snags $31 Million As It Targets A Self-Driving Niche: Retirement Communities

The Silicon Valley startup that operates low-speed self-driving vehicles in enclosed environments will use the funds to expand its robotic fleet and engineering team.
By Alan Ohnsman 4 min read