Daniel Rongo

Chief Revenue Officer, Foodics


6 months ago

If You Are A SaaS Startup, Follow These Three Pricing Strategies

Getting your pricing right is not only a great exercise to understand the position of your startup in the market, but also a way to build a habit to focus on your customers while maximizing your...
By Daniel Rongo 7 min read
1 year ago

A Facebook Monetization Strategy That Puts Privacy First

After struggling with various privacy disputes and dropping stock prices of roughly 20% shredding about $119 billion of its value in one single day, what is next for Facebook? Is the data giant going...
By Daniel Rongo 10 min read
1 year ago

20 Essential Terms That Every Chief Revenue Officer Needs To Know

A Chief Revenue Officer’s (CRO) role is extensively broad and that’s why it is crucial that the most important aspects of their role are defined. For CROs to survive and ensure the scalability and...
By Daniel Rongo 20 min read
1 year ago

The Power of Positive Reinforcement in Management

It is amazing how your words can change everything. The difference between “It won’t work,” and “You can do better,” is the perception and emotion behind these statements. While the first one is...
By Daniel Rongo 9 min read
1 year ago

What Is A Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), The Hottest Hire In Silicon Valley?

The rise of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) has become one of the hottest trends in Silicon Valley. As SaaS companies look to get a better grip on converting their innovative products and services to...
By Daniel Rongo 9 min read