Sam Shead


4 days ago

Facebook Opens Engineering Center Inside London’s Chinatown And Hires 100 New AI Specialists

This will be Facebook’s third London office, after the company ran out of space in its other two sites, which are packed with engineering, sales and marketing teams.
By Sam Shead 3 min read
1 month ago

Amazon Leads $575 Million Investment Into Food Delivery Startup Deliveroo

Deliveroo did not disclose what valuation it raised the funding at but it was valued at $2 billion when it raised its last round of $482 million in September 2017.
By Sam Shead 5 min read
1 month ago

Little-Known UK Fintech Startup Is Now Worth $2 Billion

The fintech platform allows companies to process and accept cross-border payments from a variety of sources including credit and debit cards.
By Sam Shead 3 min read