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3 weeks ago

Oracle Regional Head Is Going All In With Cloud Computing

Even a veteran corporate man like Abdulrahman Al Thehaiban admits the recent rise of cloud computing came as a bit of a shock—and as Oracle’s top executive in the Middle East, he’s pretty much seen...
By Samuel Wendel 22 min read
3 weeks ago

Microsoft Regional Head Leading The Company Through A Digital Revolution

Microsoft was long known for founder Bill Gate’s vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home”. Today the software company can be said to have played a role in every home in Dubai at...
By Samuel Wendel 24 min read
3 weeks ago


Lebanon’s Nadine Labaki  is the latest in a long line of Arab filmmakers to snag an award at the prestigious film festival.
By Samuel Wendel 3 min read
4 weeks ago

Rising Stars: Female Arab Entrepreneurs In The Limelight

From raising funds to winning awards, here are female entrepreneurs and innovators with ties to MENA who stood out in the last 12 months.
By Samuel Wendel 5 min read
4 weeks ago

The Luxury Closet’s Kunal Kapoor Wants To Tap Demand For Pre-owned Designer Items In The Middle East

The Luxury Closet founder Kunal Kapoor built one of the biggest online marketplaces for pre-owned luxury goods in the Middle East, thanks to $18.7 million in funding from respected local venture...
By Samuel Wendel 14 min read
4 weeks ago

J.P. Morgan’s Sjoerd Leenart Is Chasing New Business In Saudi As Deals Pick Up

J.P. Morgan’s Middle East chief and global head of corporate banking Sjoerd Leenart is positioning the bank to reap new business in Saudi Arabia, as deals in the kingdom pick up.
By Samuel Wendel 14 min read
4 weeks ago

Donna Benton’s Discount Voucher Business Went Digital And Investors Lined Up

Facing digital disruption, Australian expat Donna Benton successfully transformed her Dubai-based coupon business, the Entertainer, into a mobile app. Investors came knocking at her door.
By Samuel Wendel 19 min read
4 months ago

Saudi Aramco Partners With Mazda To Develop Fuel Efficient Engines As Competition From Electric Cars Looms

Saudi Aramco has inked a partnership with carmaker Mazda and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) to cooperate on a research program developing fuel...
By Samuel Wendel 4 min read