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How To Build A Campaign By Merging PR And Advertising

Paulius Stankevicius
How To Build A Campaign By Merging PR And Advertising

Imagine a world without words and colors. In such a world we wouldn’t be able to endorse products or services. Decision making would be almost impossible and everything would be default and blank.

Colors and words provide us with perceptions and the ability to imagine and explore the unknown to discover beauty.

Words and colors are fundamentals of life, without them we wouldn’t be able to separate good from bad, beautiful from ugly and the truth from a lie.

However, they are very different and have a special impact on people’s behavior. Colors get attention, but words can create logic and trust, and reveal common sense.

Once bright colors catch our attention, in an instant our minds create an abstract overview of the object. We then decide if its attractive and pleasing to us, and if we find it interesting we read the text. That’s the basics of advertising.

So, let’s take a step forward into a business case. A financial management firm providing investment solutions has operated for over five years and gained trusted long-term clients. However, in the past 12 months growth has stopped and revenues went down. What to do?

Consider a campaign—a fusion of PR and advertising. You don’t want to advertise your business services with many ads online in different colors trying to get clicks to your landing page—this doesn’t work. You need to focus on publishing meaningful text—logical, creative, factual and results-based—about your business and services, not just advertising jargon with a lot of empty promises.

A campaign should be long enough to enable you to focus on releasing a lot of useful information, not only about your services but also about the industry itself—its ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages, etc. The company needs to build its own online library consisting of numerous articles from different media channels. Don’t focus on colors before building your online knowledge library.

Make sure that your company name is a keyword in every published article and articles are easily discoverable online. Once you have published a lot of content online, you can start to promote your business with colors, videos and other creatives.

Why such process? Because colors take attention instantly and nowadays consumers triple check the supplier before making a purchase decision. If a company runs ads without having anything to back up the business and its track record, a regular ad campaign is going to be waste of money.

The first thing consumers do after seeing an ad is either ignore it or Google it. If it’s going to be Google, make sure they find your company's best selling points.

Colors without text are meaningless; text without color is invisible.

Paulius Stankevicius is the CEO and founder of Stankevicius MGM Consulting.


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