Innovation and Investment: The Right Medicine


March 31, 2018





About The Event

With a booming population and high incidences of lifestyle diseases, demand for high-quality and accessible healthcare services has been growing at an unprecedented rate in the Middle East. Healthcare spending in the GCC is expected to hit $69 billion by 2020.

Realizing the massive potential, and with constant technological advances changing the industry around them, investors are eagerly scouring the market for opportunities, while healthcare providers search for funds to match their service delivery to the level of demand. But these stakeholders are facing a number of barriers, as well as a fast-paced digital future.

At its inaugural healthcare event, Forbes Middle East will provide a platform for regulators, senior leaders, experts and investors to discuss the challenges they are facing during this transformational phase and share lessons from the best practices across the world.


  • The Plan: Shaping the future of healthcare

    Fighting to battle underinvestment, GCC governments are upscaling their healthcare strategies. What are some of the factors influencing and challenging the growth of the sector?

    Our panel will include senior leaders from major hospitals, regional insurers and investment groups, as well as a government representative.

  • Aiming for the Next Breakthrough: Finding a balance in pharma

    With some of the world’s highest drug prices, the Middle East is battling to make its medicines accessible. How can pharmaceuticals innovate and solve the pricing dilemma?

    Our panel will include senior leaders from global pharmaceutical manufacturers and regional retailers, as well as a regulatory representative.


  • Machine Medicine: Are we ready for 3D printing, robotics and AI?

    Like any other industry, healthcare is being disrupted rapidly. How are stakeholders dealing with the tech phenomenon, and are they ready for and embracing the changes that lie ahead?

    Our panel will include senior regional leaders from global tech companies and clinics, and surgical experts from major hospitals, as well as a regulatory representative.

  • Lifetime achievement awards



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