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October 16, 2019



Dubai, UAE

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This event is strictly by invitation only.

The Middle East’s economies, societies, and skylines have been built on the value of open inclusiveness. For decades expats from across the globe have made their way to the Gulf deserts in search of opportunity, security and a better life – and they have arrived in their thousands. It is estimated that nearly 50% of the population of the GCC is made up of expats—in the UAE alone that rises to nearly 90%. And as they live, work, entertain and raise families in the new countries they call home, they have contributed millions of dollars to Middle Eastern GDPs.

Many of the most successful business heads in the Arab world are expats—some arrived with nothing and built empires; others have come to head up local offices of multinational corporations. They all have one thing in common: vision. The ability to accept, absorb and thrive in another culture and enthusiastically contribute to its peacefulness and prosperity. In its list of the Middle East’s Most Influential Expats - 2019, Forbes Middle East pays tribute to these iconic leaders.


Oct 16, 2019
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