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Employees In The MENA Region Are Among The Most Engaged In The World, Study Finds  

Ranju Warrier
Employees In The MENA Region Are Among The Most Engaged In The World, Study Finds   
With a successful business being every employer’s dream, it is equally important for them to make working environment employee-friendly to generate maximum employee engagement.

In its latest study covering more than 250,000 employees in over 200 companies, global professional services provider Aon revealed that employee engagement across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is higher at 69% as compared to global average.

The report ‘Trends in Middle East & North Africa Employee Engagement’ reveals that employee engagement by businesses has been recorded all-time high in the MENA region. This number is four points above the global average which stands at 65%.

Moreover GCC recorded a strong employee engagement level as high as 70%—higher than MENA in total. But the Gulf Corporation Council saw a slight decline—1%—as compared to 2017.

According to the report, the Levant region recorded the highest engagement score and increase in employee engagement across the region with 74% of the employees reporting to be highly engaged in their work. Levant this year has been joined by North Africa that saw a jump of eight points from 2016 standing at 65%.

Aon’s latest study states that rewards and recognition have been one of the major reasons driving employee engagement high especially in the MENA region. This has been supported by companies’ initiatives at enhancing employees’ skills by brushing their technical knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning.

Recently, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE showed his disappointment on results of an employee satisfaction survey of government workers in the UAE which showed that only 60% of employees at five offices were satisfied at workplace.

This comes just after the Dubai government issued new workplace regulations that included more benefits such as longer leave periods, promotion opportunities and options to work remotely.

Aon survey states that engagement among employees in the UAE dropped from 70% in 2017 to 68%, largely due to a fall in employees’ motivation and willingness to try new things for fear of occasional mistakes.
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