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These Cities Offer Highest Salaries, Most Disposable Income In The Middle East

Mary Sophia
These Cities Offer Highest Salaries, Most Disposable Income In The Middle East

Higher salaries and a tax-free income are two main factors that have historically attracted talent to the Middle East. But the level of these salaries varies greatly, with oil producing countries naturally scoring higher.

According to a new report released by Deutsche Bank, Dubai is positioned 14th in the list of countries with the highest monthly income. Riyadh, which edged into the list for the first time, followed lower in 33rd position.

Residents of Dubai earn an average of $2,856 while residents in Riyadh earn an average salary of $1,473. Though both cities provide comparatively higher salaries, data shows that incomes have fallen from 2018. Average salaries in Dubai were at $3,447 while those in Riyadh were at $1,769.

Both cities have also been featured in the quality of life index, with Dubai  listed at 17th position and Riyadh in 26th place.

The report also indicated how expensive the cities are for an iPhone XS, weekend getaway, car rentals, hotels and other consumer goods. Dubai is reportedly the most expensive place in the world for internet and the second most expensive place to buy a cappuccino.

The annual survey, now in its eighth edition, revealed that San Francisco is the city paying the highest salaries and highest amount of disposable income, unseating the long-time leader Zurich. The US city climbed seven places in the salaries index and a whopping 21 places in the disposable income index.

However, Zurich topped the list for quality of life, closely followed by Wellington and Copenhagen.

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