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5 Simple Rules To Achieving Your Goals

Sreedhar Bevara
5 Simple Rules To Achieving Your Goals

If we use the following five simple rules in our daily routines, they can have a proportionate impact on how we achieve our goals. These things are interconnected, well within our control and can be put into action straight away.

Use kindness and courtesy

Without these two very special characteristics, a leader is incomplete. They cost nothing to demonstrate and the returns are unimaginably positive, reflective and contagious. This is the fundamental step in recognizing the necessity of creating a positive environment. This also teaches us the basics of how we want to be treated, especially when in need. This sets the tone in how we want to tune our approach in finding and offering better solutions.

Understand what you can control

We cannot control everything. It is important to define clearly what is in our control and what’s not, in a given environment. Because there are many external elements in our environment, balanced decision making is directly linked to our ability to analyze our surroundings and move in the right direction.

Design your day

We can set up our day with exactly what we want to do and what we expect from it. Sit for a few moments in the first hour in the morning to allocate time—it will give you an enormous sense of power when you organize the day and free yourself from anything that makes you waste energy, effort or resource. Review this at the end of the day and plan better for the next.

Put your head, hand, heart and soul into everything

This isn’t an approach just for the special things—this should be in everything we do. From cooking to eating, writing to speaking, dancing to dating, planning to executing, playing with kids to raising pets; if you are doing it, then do it the best way you can. Practice throwing yourself into the task with your head, hand, heart and soul. There is no place for complacency or mediocrity.

Appreciate yourself

Invest in carrying yourself well and presenting your best self in line with the order of the day. Someone who knows how to appreciate their own value will by default appreciate others’ value. This approach will boost confidence and set your readiness to take on any challenge ahead.


Sreedhar is an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad and is currently General Manager at Panasonic. Sreedhar’s latest book "Moment of Signal" was launched in New York City in 2018.

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