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5 Tips To Stay Focused While Working From Home

Hisham Ibrahim
5 Tips To Stay Focused While Working From Home

There are many scenarios that may lead someone to work from home, either as a freelancer, a startup or a remote team member. Working from home might be considered more comforting and less stressful than the office, but it is not all peacefull bliss.

Losing focus easily, or being distracted by anything not related to work, is big challenge, whether it’s social media, TV or household chores.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your focus while working from home.

Take a break

Working from home does not mean working more or less—you have the same number of tasks that need to be done. John Rampton, founder of Duo Platform, suggests following a 17 for 52 rule, which means taking a 17min break every 52 mins. However, you can make up your own rule, such as taking a 5min break every 30.

Create your own workplace

One benefit of working from home is you can literally work from any room—be it the bedroom, living room or kitchen—but the best way is to find a comfortable and peaceful place and claim it as your working space. Keeping it tidy, clean and organized will help you be even more productive.

Do not do household chores

Household chores will start calling you; simply do not do them while working. Even something as easy as turning on the washing machine will distract you, as other tasks will follow as you wait for the load to finish and then deal with the clothes, etc.

Dress to impress

When working from home you can get very comfortable, you can even work wearing your pyjamas. However, how you are dressed will also affect your mentality and your productivity. Wear clean and presentable clothes – albeit it comfortable too.

Stay off social media

Working from home means more freedom to surf the web, but logging on to your social media account will be your ticket down an endless whirlpool of distraction. You can continue using social media for business, but checking your friends’ posts and photos will never end.


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