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5 Ways To Work Online

Rajan Thapaliya
5 Ways To Work Online

These days online learning and working remotely are increasingly popular. When you work for yourself, you are your own motivator. You are responsible for setting your own schedule and completing work by deadlines set by you, but as long as you have a laptop, you can work from anywhere with internet access. Here are some ways you can plug into the growing “gig” economy.

Creative services

There are a number of freelancing sites now on offer, where you can sign up, advertise your skills and never need to be in an office. Some skills that can easily be provided freelance include writing, editing, web design, illustration, translation, transcription, and even code writing.


Many high school and college students are heading online for tutoring services. You can offer your expertise in any subject and teach over video calling or email. Try and the Knowledge Roundtable for tutoring jobs, or sites like VIPKid if you want to teach languages. Lifestyle coaching is another popular niche. As is creating educational videos and courses via sites like or Coursera, including coding, crafting, and entrepreneurial tips and skills.


Travel blogging is a popular niche for those who like to be on the move. If you have traveled a lot, you can share your experiences and advice that you have picked up along the way.

Online retail

You can create your own dropshipping business and sell products online. Use eBay and Amazon for these, as well as wholesale sites and social media like Facebook. Also, if you make any sort of product, you can sell it online. Consider using Shopify or Etsy for handmade or vintage products. Consider Amazon and eBay for other types of products, like books or inventions or wholesale items.

Remote jobs

Many companies are now hiring remote workers. You can do things like medical coding and billing, customer service, coding, software engineering, journalism, and other types of jobs from home. Some companies are even hiring doctors or psychologists to provide services online instead of in a traditional office setting.

Rajan Thapaliya is a writer of several books and Former contributors of HuffPost. He is a Data Scientist who has also completed Business Analytics from Harvard Business School. He is an honorary member of the Rotary International Club.

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