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How A Good Leader Can Use The Power Of Intuition

Suhair Fakhoury
How A Good Leader Can Use The Power Of Intuition

Leadership is not about the individual. It is about the partnership that an individual creates with their team to lead them towards their vision, mission and values. To do that, a leader can help empower their team by providing clarity, confidence, courage, commitment and a deep sense of purpose. But first, how can the team’s leader empower themselves? 

Visualization is a powerful technique that opens the door to original thoughts and ideas, and creates a clear understanding of how to turn them into actions. Even a minor action can create an exponential shift in someone’s life, and positively influence those around them.

Another vital tool for leaders is intuition. Listening to your intuition enables you to gauge the situation and the other person, and trust yourself to reflect more deeply and find answers to questions that may have never surfaced before that moment. One way to tap into intuition is through journaling, which can help capture thoughts and guide reflection. It is also a great way to document progress towards their goals.

Practicing deep listening skills for more meaningful conversations and connections requires intuition that can only be initiated if you are present in the moment. You need to have a clear vision, identify the steps needed for achieving your goals, effectively communicate these to your team and provide them with tools and techniques for empowerment.

If you are having a hard time tapping into your intuition, just acknowledging that will help draw attention to the challenge and allow you to find more clarity. Openness creates more trust and courage, and helps you to speak your mind so you can grow as a leader.

Leadership doesn’t grow on its own. Creating a high level of self-awareness, and awareness of others and your environment are key qualities for successful leadership. Nothing happens in isolation. A leader needs to be a facilitator of collaboration so they can learn from their surroundings and bring out the best in themselves and their teams for creative solutions.

Suhair Fakhoury is an ICF-credentialed coach and a Board Director for the International Coach Federation (ICF) UAE Chapter

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