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How To Make Corporate B2B Advertising More Impactful

Paulius Stankevicius
How To Make Corporate B2B Advertising More Impactful
Not only small and medium-size businesses but larger corporations also tend to struggle with the right marketing execution plans and campaign management. Advertising in the B2B sphere is becoming more complicated, here are some pointers on making it more effective.

In the advertising industry, common marketing strategies are becoming harder to execute

For starters, let me tell how not to pursue advertising. In my opinion, social media is not advertising. You know how they say invite your friends, and friends will share, and the friends of the friends will share, but to be honest, the reality is quite the opposite. About 90% of B2B SMEs and business individuals fail in running successful social media company accounts regardless of the quality they publish. Most impressions and most significant audience reach on social media come from informal content. From B2B perspective social media is not the best place to advertise on, because the business content is far from sexy, and it’s challenging to make specific industries’ content sexy in the first place due to formality and regulations. You can’t advertise a bank or investment company with eye-pleasing images such as a beach. My advice would be to not abandon social media but don’t make it your primary marketing channel. This is the rule and the mindset that every B2B company should follow.

The best way for B2B companies to reach out to their target audiences locally and globally

If you look at the top companies today, you will see companies from the 80s and 90s are leading the game. To be the best you need to learn from the best. Back in the days, there was no internet, and yet companies managed to acquire many clients and win the market. That’s when public relations came into play. The media always had the most potent power of judging verdict. Regardless of scandals and fake news, media is still the leading influencer for B2B businesses. PR plays the influencer’s role; it’s the blackjack for marketing success. You can target your audience via mainstream media the same way as you do on social channels. The only difference is that via media, you are capable of reaching your target audience successfully.

Can small businesses win in advertising without massive spending, considering that financials are a sensitive topic for SMEs?

There are two ways to win in advertising. Either spend money or spend energy. Companies without budgets kind of stop their marketing right there but then there is energy which means a vigorous execution of extreme selling. You need to sell your “save the world” idea not to your friends, not to your family, nor even investors but media. People don’t believe in things if you are telling them yourself. People more likely will believe in you if they’d hear about you from somebody else.

On the other hand, media is perceived as sort of legitimate association, mostly because of the size. Majority of people, of course, would disagree but the funny part is that people still buy Coke after watching TV ads from a channel which shows fake news. People buy Coke because they visually see it. Visualization of a product or a service can switch our brain in a particular decision-making manner with a logical trick which comes from user experience design, making the consumer say yes. Regardless of what you are selling and what media channel you are using, people will see you, and they will buy from you because you will appear like Coke. Everybody likes Coke even if it's not healthy, and yet people buy it. The question is, do you want your business to be a Coke?

One crucial tip is that SMEs should quickly and easily improve their global branding which would eventually lead to new customer acquisitions

Regardless if you are in B2B or B2C business, the first thing people do whenever they consider purchasing from you is to Google you and your company. It is critical what happens on the first page of Google. If your potential client decided to Google you, it would mean that he or she has faith, hope and substantial interest in buying from you. It all goes down in the search engine. This moment is like a date. You need to impress. When a client Googles you, you need to show your best, meaning that positive third-party mentions will profoundly influence your client decision. You need to get mentions from domain names which your audience know and trust. That’s when media will bring acquisitions to the business.

Paulius Stankevicius is a CEO and Founder of Stankevicius MGM, PR and Advertising firm. Paulius Stankevicius has helped clients to raise over $500M in funding through professional PR and advertising strategies.

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