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How To Use Advertising And PR For ‘Sophisticated’ Client Acquisitions

Paulius Stankevicius
How To Use Advertising And PR For ‘Sophisticated’ Client Acquisitions

When asked about new acquisition methods, most successful business executives will always have grand stories on how they worked on getting on board a difficult client. But nobody in the industry will ever tell you honestly how client acquisitions really work.

Companies like to use sophisticated words like “strategies and methods” and other blah blah, to make them sound professional and trusted, but as ex-VP of Goldman Sachs once said when leaving the firm “selling the most sophisticated product to the most unsophisticated client is the golden price.”

Reality is that people are shallow and superficial, most of us only care about ourselves. We are perfection seekers, and that is who people are. In order to sell a product to a superficial client, you have to make that product become a superficial product.

Here comes in advertising and public relations. PR has many forms of capturing people’s attention and emotions, but the recent one is online industry PR which is also known as what “does Google have to say about that.”

New companies pop up every second and it’s almost impossible for new companies to distinguish themselves from their neighboring company which is located next door, and that company can’t distinguish themselves from the one which is located just upstairs. So what to do? How to stand out?

Before you could. Now you can’t. Now - you have to change the game. Customers don’t walk to you, you have to walk to them, and even when you do, they still will probably reject you. And that is because there are just too many options to choose from!

But there is one thing which you can do - make your option be a superficial, sophisticated, attractive option.

In this market, you compete from the moment you wake up and open your eyes. Competition is in our lives, in our blood not by choice but by default and we do everything to be more attractive than our competition.

For business, this means scrambling out from being an alternative option into secondary. Forget the primary, the primary is for billionaires, and you can’t go from alternative to primary, you must make your position as a secondary option first.

‘Sophisticated’ public relations will allow individual businesses to thrive in Google search, and ‘sophisticated advertising will bang the client doors. Will they let you in? That will depend on your Google results.

No more surprises when you lose an account - know your competitor pulled a more sophisticated trick on you. Thinking how to win the client back? You probably can’t, but with the knowledge you have now, you can definitely get a better one.

But after all this, can you tell what ‘sophisticated’ truly means.

Paulius Stankevicius is a CEO and Founder of Stankevicius MGM, PR and Advertising firm. Paulius Stankevicius has helped clients to raise over $500M in funding through professional PR and advertising strategies.

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