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The Secret To Getting On Podcasts

Sohail Khan
The Secret To Getting On Podcasts

Podcasting is one of the best opportunities to get your message across to a captive audience. Blog posts are usually scanned or read in five minutes or less, videos usually are around five to ten minutes in length, but podcasts can keep someone listening to you—and only you—for an hour or more. Some podcasts have millions of listeners every month.

One of the easiest ways to leverage this medium is to get on someone else’s podcast.  There are many that frequently interview guests, and they can help you to promote your own podcast, reach people in your target market, or grow your audience by promoting an article you’ve written.

So, how do you get on a podcast?

Well, first of all, you will need to know what is out there. Try to find podcasts that you know have talked about a similar topic to the kind that you want to talk about. Or find ones where you might know someone who has already been on the podcast who can make an introduction for you.

Once you’ve created a list of target podcasts to pitch to, it is time to do it. Don’t sit and wait for podcast hosts to contact you—you have to go out and make things happen for yourself. Hosts are always looking to line up interviews, so emailing a podcast host with a good idea for a show and volunteering to be on it, is doing them a favor.

The best way to get on a podcast is to have a good idea for a unique and interesting topic you can talk about. Unless you are already famous, most podcast hosts won’t want to just interview you to talk about anything. Instead, have a solid pitch about the topic you want to discuss. A good pitch will identify one specific topic you want to discuss, why this topic is important to the podcast’s audience, and why you are qualified to talk about it.

When you do get on a podcast, you should do everything possible to promote your appearance on the show.  Not only will this increase the chances of someone listening to you, but it will also make the hosts of the show very happy.  There is nothing more disappointing than when you interview someone on your show and they do nothing to spread the word. Podcasts grow by word of mouth.

You want to make sure that your appearance translates into a return for you, but if you have a product for sale, you don’t want to pitch it on the podcast. It’s too early in your relationship with the listeners to sell to them. Focus on promoting something free that they can engage with and get some value out of.

Finally, when your podcast episode comes out, make sure you put a link to the episode on all your social media channels or perhaps even blog about it. Not everyone will get a chance to listen to your episode, but you will earn some instant credibility because you were on a podcast.

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