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More Companies Turn To Augmented Reality

Hisham Ibrahim
More Companies Turn To Augmented RealityImage source: Bentley

As everything around us becomes digitalized, we are already seeing some major brands exploring how to use Augmented Reality (AR). For example, Gucci has started to offer virtual changing rooms, and Microsoft has released its mixed-reality HoloLens smart glasses.

AR creates a virtual reality based on the real world, enabling you to alter your real-life environment, such as with filters in Snapchat. This is unlike virtual reality, which is disconnected from the real world.

Google is also jumping on the bandwagon and has started beta testing for its first AR-powered street maps, which will integrate your navigation with real-world elements using Google Street View.

And luxury car company, Bentley, has announced that it is now offering consumers the opportunity to experience its new EXP 100 GT through an AR-powered app available on the iOS store. The app means you can view and try the car as if you already own it.

As exciting as this new technology is, it is still evolving, which means the cost of running and creating AR products is still high. Apart from the high cost, creating 3D models of the product, rendering it in real-time, and making it adapt to the user's environment, also requires a high-power processing device. So, while most modern devices support AR features, technology still needs to find a solution for the high cost of producing them.

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