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This Company Automated 40,000 Jobs Through Artificial Intelligence

Claudine Coletti

Xavier Anglada, Managing Director, Digital Lead at Accenture—a global professional services and management consulting firm—joined us for our Digital Trends event last month and sat on our panel exploring the possibilities and challenges of applying artificial intelligence to real life business models. He spoke to us about how Accenture has embraced digital transformation.

“We started digital transformation five years back, when digital wasn’t even part of Accenture’s business. Since then, what we’ve done is bring all the new technologies, all the disrupting technologies within the company ourselves,” he explained on the sidelines of the packed event. “Whereas before, a $40 billion business had no component elements of digital, today already over 60% of our business is digital. So, we’ve walked the talk. We have professional services and before we talked to our clients, we did it ourselves.”

With over 22 years of experience in strategy, consulting and operations in the fintech, media and telecommunication industries across the world, Anglada told us that he believes artificial intelligence is proving to be the most disruptive new technology.

“Of the technologies, the more pervasive and disruptive, we have what we call the alpha trends, which are the technologies that are already transforming and will dramatically continue to impact over the next few years.  Maybe the one that is more pervasive is artificial intelligence of course,” he said, explaining that Accenture has already used AI to transform.

“We have 120,000 people working in risk management and so on for many of our global clients. What we did is we applied artificial intelligence robots ourselves and managed to transform from this 120,000 people, 40,000 were fully automated and we transformed completely the type of jobs these people that were no longer in that role to do completely different things. Now we have people that were in BPO now doing training, or teaching robots to make sure that they engage in the new way of working.”

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