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You Can Now Link Your PC To Your Phone For Gaming

Hisham Ibrahim
You Can Now Link Your PC To Your Phone For GamingImage from source

Last week, as it was launching it iconic smartphone series, the Galaxy Note 10, in New York, Samsung revealed a whole new bag of tricks, including the GalaxyPlay Link.

This gaming feature can be integrated with the new Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, allowing users to stream a game from their laptops or PC directly to their phone.

The emerging trend of cloud gaming is not new—many smartphone manufacturers have begun offering it, including Google Stadia, Apple Arcade and Microsoft’s xCloud system.

The difference with Samsung is that there is no subscription or games you have to buy to play as you can play games you already own on your PC or Laptop.

The Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are on the whole more focused on business solutions and business requirements. And with the GalaxyPlay Link, it is not only gaming only that you can stream. You might choose to stream videos and images, even presentations.

With this latest gadget, Samsung and its recent partner, Microsoft and the xCloud project, are helping push cloud gaming and streaming towards even more users.

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