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Shoot For The Moon To Achieve Your Career Goals

Waleed Hmidan
Shoot For The Moon To Achieve Your Career Goals

At the Forbes Middle East Global Meets Local Gala Dinner, we spoke to Georg Schroeckenfuchs, President & Head for the Middle East & North Africa at Novartis Pharma Services.

"Our goal and vision are very clear, we would like to double our impact on our patients," said Georg. "Our team in the region shoots for the moon. A critical matter we face is creating patient affordability and coming up with methods to reduce our medicinal costs"

He also provided us with some advice for the new generation of entrepreneurs.

"Be yourself, find yourself and be self-aware, and stay in the driving seat to drive your career."

Waleed is a filmmaker with a dozen short films in his filmography, some of which have been featured in film festivals and won awards. He holds a BA honors degree in Filmmaking from Middlesex university, Dubai. At Forbes Middle east, he is responsible of transforming print content into video format, filming interviews of the region’s business leaders and pioneers as well as filming events for Forbes Middle east, and editing said videos for the website and social media.

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