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Five Minutes With Luc Bachelerie MD Of Adecco Middle East

Hannah Stewart
Five Minutes With Luc Bachelerie MD Of Adecco Middle East
Forbes Middle East (FME): As a company, what was your biggest achievement in 2014?

Luc Bachelerie (LB): In continuation of previous years, 2014 was a very good year for us. The environment has been positive and the economy is still booming in Dubai. I would say that one particular achievement was going deeper with local government companies as clients. I think it’s not that easy to enter this market. You have to be trusted; not only because you are a big international but also because you have a local presence.

FME: So looking forward, what can we expect from Adecco in 2015?

LB: Adecco came to this region quite late compared to our competitors. We started in 2008, just before the crisis. Nevertheless, we grew steadily. But it hasn't always been an easy journey. This year is going to be more in line with 2014. Of course, many many customers are investing in the region and starting their businesses here. We accompany them here and so we have a lot of work to do.

FME: So exciting times ahead for 2015… Finally, as regional Managing Director for a global corporation, what do you think the Middle East offers to global companies looking to set up or expand here?

LB: Well obviously many global companies are attracted to the region because of the market – the economy is growing, like in Europe. Many internationals are looking to the Middle East as a region for growth. But also in recent years we have also seen many corporations that have their head office in Africa, for instance, are moving back to this region. It’s a trend we continue to see. Corporations are establishing themselves here in the Middle East once more, especially in Dubai because it’s a safe and nice place to live. It attracts many executives from around the world.

FME: Mr. Bachelerie thank you very much for your time.
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