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How To Gain Influence Through Social Media

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How To Gain Influence Through Social Media
Adwa Saud Aldakheel, CEO of Direct Influence Company, is helping businesses to extend their reach through the intelligent use of social media and relationship building. 

[caption id="attachment_23356" align="alignright" width="216"]Adwa Saud Aldakheel Adwa Saud Aldakheel, CEO of Direct Influence Company. Photo: Courtesy of Direct Influence[/caption]

As a new startup what is the vision behind your model? What do you offer clients to help them increase their business?

The vision is to build an empire of influence through partner-ships. We offer our partners an unparalleled power to influence their success, using value-focused strategies and highly specialized resources to be the most influential in their domain. Thanks to the innovative startups and businesses that approach us, we make breakthroughs every day. Such successful business-es must grow five key and dynamic elements to ensure success: vision and strategy, products and services; marketing and sales; logistics; and customer success. It is our aim to master and help structure the vision and strategy element, accompanied with the marketing and sales science to then place the business or the start-up at the peak of their potential.

The world is now run by social media—how is it possible to keep up with the trends and influence the direction?

The first and most underestimated aim is to set trends instead of following them. This sounds near to impossible to most people, when in reality it is possible because it was done be-fore. The term “think outside the box” has been overused to the extent that people overlook the meaning behind it, when it is at the heart of most great business ideas.

What is the most important platform for a business to be present on? How do you define the right strategy?

Instagram is the platform all businesses should be present on because visual perception delivers the message of any business across to the consumer with the capacity to absorb memorable information in minimal time. The use of viewable tags also helps the business be present in other people’s profiles. With that being said, the right strategy would be to be present on platforms where a business can show their numbers and engagement. A mixture of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook with a devoted content team for each platform would be the ideal strategy.

What does the future look like for social media? What are the newest innovations to be aware of?

 Before understanding the next trend in social media, we need to understand growing human behavior. Attention span in individuals has significantly decreased through the past years and the trend is in a linear growth—in translating this into social media, we find that Twitter uses 140 characters; Instagram uses one minute videos; and Snapchat uses 10 second story videos. The newest innovation will cater to that.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

For this year and every year: a growing team of devoted and intelligent people with both the vision and execution skills to get the job done to the highest of standards and efficiency.

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