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100 Executives In The Middle East 2018100 Executives In The Middle East 2018

100 Executives In The Middle East 2018

Global economy, today, is rattled by trade wars, prompted by sanctions and increased protectionism. As technology gains pace, it is disrupting every realm of business while leaving the yesterday’s innovators scrambling to catch up. But catching up they are. Multinational companies still form the backbone of our economies and produce products that transform our daily lives. We all fly in aircraft manufactured by Boeing or Airbus jets; use Windows, Google, Facebook and Instagram daily, bank with HSBC and use electricity produced by Siemens’ gas turbines. These companies are either driving innovation in their fields or even better investing in those with innovative solutions.

Our sixth edition of Global Meets Local: Top 100 Executives In The Middle East 2018 features such changemakers and innovators who are at the helm of companies that make a difference in the Middle East. These 100 CEOs have driven the revenues of their companies, while leading the development of prestigious projects or sparking innovative ideas for revolutionizing production or sales. They have also shown initiative to lead social initiatives and give back to the community and work hand-in-hand with governments for social and economic development. They provide expertise, capital and manpower to transform cities across the region.

This year’s list has regional heads from 29 nationalities with French citizens making up the major chunk with 13 entries. Keeping in line with global growth, the technology industry has the highest number of CEOs within the list.

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