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15 of The Middle East’s Most Sustainable Companies15 of The Middle East’s Most Sustainable Companies

15 of The Middle East’s Most Sustainable Companies

Among the standard tales of political gameplay, trade movements and health scares that regularly hit the headlines, these days you’d be hard-pressed to go an afternoon without also scrolling past at least a couple of stories on climate change and the reported impact it’s having on our environment. It’s global, it’s daunting, and it’s big news. But there is something positive happening too: these stories are spurring action.

Many leaders are taking the opportunity now to review how their businesses do things and incorporate environmentally-friendlier initiatives into their operations. Others have set up companies whose sole remit is sustainability and helping others support it. And some of the richest people in the world are simply digging deep to donate to the green issues closest to their hearts. These are signs of a transforming global agenda—one that could end up having as big an impact on our economies as it could on our Earth.

For the first time, we shine a light on the efforts being made in the Middle East by companies and business leaders to embrace sustainability. In our own way, we hope sharing these keeps the narrative going.

Here are the Middle East’s biggest companies that are making significant efforts to become more sustainable. To compile this list, we considered environmental impact and metrics achieved, the financial sustainability of the initiatives, revenues, and clientele.

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