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Top Indian Leaders 2017: The Next GenerationTop Indian Leaders 2017: The Next Generation
Top Indian Leaders 2017: The Next Generation
Most of our Top Indian Leaders had humble beginnings and built their empires over decades of hard work and successful expansion. One of their biggest motivations was to provide a better life for their families, and many of their businesses were built to support and pass on to the next generation of Indians. With this in mind, FORBES MIDDLE EAST would like to recognize some of the new guard carrying on their family legacy. Most of our next generation leaders have dived right in, with 22 of them joining the family business straight after graduation. Some, like John Paul Alukkas of Joy Alukkas and Nitin Anand of Skyline University, started working part time while they were completing their education. Only six of the 28 individuals worked elsewhere before joining the family business. All of them have a Bachelor’s Degree, seven of them have a Master’s Degree and two of them are chartered accountants. Working in a family business may sound easy, but it comes with challenges. Our next generation leaders have told us that at times they have found it difficult to separate their personal lives from business. And with a legacy to continue, it can be tough to find your own style of functioning. On the other hand, they tell us that entering a family business means you already have a brand name to bank on, you can make quick decisions and you can work in multiple functions rather than specializing in one particular area.

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