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The Top 5-star Hotel Brands In The Arab WorldThe Top 5-star Hotel Brands In The Arab World
The Top 5-star Hotel Brands In The Arab World

Forbes Middle East reveals its Top 5-star Hotel Brands Brands In The Arab world, which includes top 20 brands that are based on the status of their presence in the region.

Top 20 brands are represented in the Arab world through 375 hotels and resorts with total of 116,454 rooms, in 17 countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Sudan and Syria.

Hotels and resorts in Egypt, U.A.E and Saudi Arabia dominate 66.4% of the list with 249 properties, and 71.9% of total rooms with 83,711 rooms.

The Swiss hospitality “Mövenpick” tops the list with 47 five-star hotels across 10 Arab countries, with 12,592 rooms, followed by “Hilton Hotels & Resorts” that is present in 8 countries with 29 hotels with 9,631 rooms.

Sheraton comes at the third, supported by its presence in 10 countries.

To rank the brands throughout the Arab world, the research team screened more than 800 five-star hotels representing 190 brands and gathered information from hotels’ websites and major travel websites.

We also determined three benchmarks: number of countries the hotel is represented in and estimated number of hotels and rooms, with equal weights.

Neither the revenues generated by each brand nor the room price average were taken into consideration.

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