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Top 50 Private Companies In The Middle East 2019Top 50 Private Companies In The Middle East 2019

Top 50 Private Companies In The Middle East 2019

Private companies in the region still contribute a major portion to the region's economies in comparison to listed companies. They represent both homegrown businesses and also act as distributors and agents for multinationals in the region. Most of these businesses are family owned and have decades of operations to their credit. This year, private companies have not been immune to headwinds, which include declining physical retail sales, lower discretionary spending by consumers in some markets, and even disruptive technology.

Methodology and Criteria

For the top 50 Private Companies in the Middle East, we sent our questionnaires to the prominent private companies in the region. The response was mixed so we have also relied on other available public information to come up with the ranking, which took into account the following factors:

  • Number of employees, also taking into consideration the type of business (Eg:- construction sector gets less points as it is more labor intensive)
  • Age of the company
  • Big contracts/ business secured in the last one year
  • Social Initiatives
  • CSR
  • Transparency

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