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Top 50 Regional Executives Heading Global Companies 2019Top 50 Regional Executives Heading Global Companies 2019

Top 50 Regional Executives Heading Global Companies 2019

The GCC in general is aggressively pursuing economic reforms. The U.A.E. has begun granting long-term visas to investors, Saudi Arabia is opening up to international tourists, and almost all the Gulf countries have set up institutions to promote innovation. For these reforms to get the best results, the region needs foreign capital, technology and talent.

Middle Eastern countries are attracting the world’s biggest companies, and they are investing throughout the value chain—from setting up logistics hubs and factories to data centers. The region is also attracting top global talent, with conglomerates and government institutions being run by the cream of the crop from across the world.

Keeping this in mind, Forbes Middle East has this year collated “Top 50 Regional Executives Heading Global Companies” highlights the regional heads of the top companies from the Forbes Global 2000 list.


• Rank on the Forbes Global 2000

• Size of regional operations

• Scope of the role

• Accomplishments in the last year

• Years of Experience

• Editorial points, including engagement with media, market reputation, and impact.

* Headquarters refers to the global headquarters of the company

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