52. Lamia Tazi

Company: Sothema
Title: Chairwoman & CEO
Nationality: Moroccan
Sector: Healthcare

Tazi assumed her current role in 2019. Sothema has 35 multinational laboratories and a plant production capacity of 60 million units per year. Sothema recorded $173 million in revenues in Q3 2023. In June 2023, the company signed an agreement with the U.S.’s Baylor College of Medicine, France’s Dassault Systems, Switzerland’s ReGenLab, and the Moroccan ministries of health and industry to implement the first platform in Africa and the Middle East for Galenic development and clinical trials. In October 2023, the company opened a scientific representative office in Saudi Arabia. Tazi is also the managing director at Advanced Scientific Developments and a board member at West Afric Pharma in Senegal, Azerys and Axess Pharma in Morocco, and Leiden Pharma in the Netherlands.