1. Maxim Kaplevich

Age: 28
Occupation: Founder and CEO of Sparklo
Nationality: Russian
Residence: U.A.E.
Category: Social Impact

Kaplevich is the founder and CEO of Sparklo, a clean tech company based in the U.A.E. He created Sparklomats, AI-powered machines that collect plastic and aluminum for recycling. Today, it operates in 10 countries with over 500 installed machines. Sparklo has collected over 37 million recyclables. Over 300,000 users have joined the Sparklo initiative, earning rewards to pay for groceries, utility payments, and car charging, among other things. Sparklo has installed Sparklomats in partnership with LuLu Hypermarket, Carrefour, ADNOC Distribution, Accor, Averda, and BEEAH Group.