10. Yasmine Yeya

Brand: Maison Yeya
Category: Fashion
Establishment: 2007
Nationality: French - Egyptian
Headquarters: U.A.E.

Yeya founded her French-Egyptian luxury fashion house in 2007 in Egypt and relocated its headquarters to Dubai in 2016. Maison Yeya has dressed renowned Arab and international figures, including Megan Fox, Halle Bailey, Taylor Hill, and Egypt’s First Lady Intissar El Sisi. In 2022, the brand launched a sustainability initiative, which makes couture dresses from crisp bags and recycles plastic bottles into couture embroideries. In 2023, the brand was selected to be showcased in the Cleveland Museum of Art for a year representing modern Egyptian art. Maison Yeya had 303,000 followers on Instagram as of June 2023.