Global Meets Local – Top 50 Executives Regional Executives Heading International Companies
Rank: #22

Jerome Droesch

Sector: Insurance
Company: Cigna Insurance
Designation: CEO, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia
Nationality: French
Headquarters: United States
Local Headquarters: U.A.E.
Droesch oversees Cigna’s locally-regulated offices in the Middle East and Africa. This year his role was also expanded to include all markets across South East Asia. Under Droesch’s leadership, Cigna’s business in this region expects doubledigit growth in 2020. Cigna aims to further grow its Middle East revenues by 30% by 2021. He also serves as a board member for Cigna’s operations in India and Turkey, as well as Senior Executive Officer and Chairman of Cigna’s Insurance Management Services Board in Dubai’s International Financial Centre. Before joining Cigna, Droesch was with AXA Group for over 27 years.