Global Meets Local – Top 50 Executives Regional Executives Heading International Companies
Rank: #2

Remy Ejel

Sector: Food and Beverage
Company: Nestlé Middle East
Designation: Chairman and CEO, MENA
Nationality: Lebanese – French
Headquarters: Switzerland
Local Headquarters: U.A.E.
Ejel joined Nestlé in Saudi Arabia in 1998. In 2019 he integrated the 13 Middle East markets with the six north African markets to create Nestlé MENA on January 1, 2020. Today it operates 25 food and beverage factories across the 19 MENA countries and employs 15,000 people. Last year it brought in approximately $3 billion in revenue. Nestlé has operated in Egypt for a century and has invested $1.3 billion in MENA over the last decade. Under Ejel’s leadership Nestlé has supported over 100,000 families and 50,000 healthcare professionals by donating 10 million servings of food and beverages, and 620,000 litres of water in collaboration with more than 30 local entities in 17 countries.