93. Amin Alarrayed

Designation: CEO
Company: Naseej
Country: Bahrain
Establishment Date: 2008

Alarrayed joined Naseej in February 2023. Naseej‘s core activities comprise design and master planning, development and construction, building components, mortgage facilitation, and asset management. Established by private and public sector investors as a solution for affordable housing development needs, Naseej‘s key shareholders include Ithmaar Development Company, the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK), and the Social Insurance Organization of the Kingdom of Bahrain. As of January 2024, Naseej had completed five real estate projects comprising over 2,981 residential units with a total value of $545.1 million. It has a total land bank exceeding 626,000 square meters, and some of its key projects include CanalView, BASATEEN, and Jumana. Alarrayed has over 25 years of experience across different sectors and was previously the CEO of Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah).