43. Anas Sefrioui

Designation: Chairman and CEO
Company: Douja Promotion Groupe Addoha
Country: Morocco
Establishment Date: 1988

Douja Promotion Groupe Addoha is a public company established in 1988 to promote various housing programs related to economic, medium, and high-end housing. Its financial partners include Al Barid Bank, CIH BANK, and Banque Centrale Populaire. It has multiple properties located in Casablanca, Ain Aouda, Beni Mellal, and Marrakech, among others. In the first half of 2023, the company recorded revenues of $132.5 million and total assets of $1.9 billion. The company had a market cap of $604.5 million as of November 14, 2023. Anas Sefrioui debuted on Forbes' list of the World's Billionaires in 2012 with a net worth of $1.6 billion and dropped off in 2018.