23. Jehad Alkadi

Designation: CEO
Company: Riyadh Development Company (ARDCO)
Country: Saudi Arabia
Establishment Date: 1994

Jehad Alkadi has over 20 years of experience in the investment and finance sector and assumed his current role in December 2021. Established in 1994 by royal decree to develop the Qasr AlHukm area in Riyadh, today ARDCO owns assets across real estate leasing, operational business, land sales, and development. In May 2023, the company signed an MoU with the Arriyadh Holding Company to establish a new entity in AlDirah District in central Riyadh. The company had a market value of $946.3 million as of November 14, 2023. In the first nine months of 2023, it recorded total assets worth $709.8 million and revenues of $57.8 million. Alkadi is also the chairman of Sadu Capital and a board member at Dur Hospitality.