14. P.N.C. Menon

Net Worth: $2.8 B
Age: 75
Residence: U.A.E.
Nationality: Omani
Industry: Real Estate

Property developer P.N.C.Menon left Kerala in south India and migrated to Oman in 1976 to start an interior decorating business with a partner. Seeing an opportunity in real estate back home, Menon started Sobha Developers in 1995 in Bangalore, naming it after his wife. Sobha Developers is run by son Ravi, an engineer from Purdue University, while Menon lives in Dubai. Menon's Sobha Realty in the Middle East has operations spanning the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and other Gulf countries. Menon has said that after his death his wife will be Sobha's chairman and his son, Ravi, the co-chair.