The Middle East’s Power Businesswomen 2021
Rank: #25

Hend ElSherbini

Title: CEO
Nationality: Egyptian
Company: IDH Integerated Diagonistics Holdings
Sector: Healthcare

ElSherbini has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, of which she has spent 16 of them with IDH. She started the EDGE certification process with the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which focuses on measuring gender diversity, inclusivity and health levels in the workplace. IDH is a consumer healthcare company in the Middle East and Africa with operations in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, and Nigeria. The group served more than seven million patients across 452 branch labs and recorded revenues of $140 million in 2019. It recorded $106 million in revenues in the first nine months of 2020, out of which $45.8 million was recorded in the third quarter, making it one of the fastest year-on-year growth rates for a single quarter on record for the company. In 2020, IDH formed a COVID-19 committee and helped to financially support the non-regular workforce who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The company covered medicine requirements on a monthly basis and donated medical equipment to Cairo University Educational Hospitals.