Arab National Investment Company (ANB Invest)
The Middle East’s 30 Biggest Asset Managers 2021

Rank: 22

Arab National Investment Company (ANB Invest)

Country: Saudi Arabia

CEO: Khalid S. Al-Ghamdi

Date of Establishment: 2007

AUM: $2 billion

ANB Invest is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Arab National Bank acting as its investment arm. It offers 12 mutual funds including Shariah-compliant and conventional funds such as: the Al-Arabi Balanced Fund, the Al-Mubarak Sovereign Sukuk; and Al-Mubarak Saudi Equity among others. In 2020, it invested $86.7 million in the Sara Second Real Estate investment fund. Khalid Al-Ghamdi became CEO in May 2021. He started his career as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch in London in 1997. Before joining ANB Invest Al-Ghamdi was CEO of Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia.